Module inheritance

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import smartpy as sp

# This contract has nothing to do with inheritance in the Python sense.
# It's about transfers after a person's death.

def main():
    class Inheritance(sp.Contract):
        """Inheritance contract

        An owner deposits a certain amount of coins into a contract and regularly
        calls the `default` entrypoint to prove that they are still alive.

        If the contract is not called since `alive_delta` seconds (1 years in
        this example), the heir can withdraw the tez by calling `withdraw`.

        At anytime the owner can deposit some tez by using the `default` entrypoint
        (or no entrypoint) or withdraw by calling `withdraw`.

        def __init__(self, owner, heir, alive_delta, now):
                owner (address): Address that deposits and prove being alive.
                heir (address): Address that can withdraw if the owner hasn't proved
                    being alive.
                alive_delta (int): Maximum number of seconds between two calls to `default`.
   = owner
   = heir
   = alive_delta
   = sp.add_seconds(now, alive_delta)

        def default(self):
            """Used by the owner to deposit coins and say that they are still alive.

            The `default` entrypoint is also called when doing a transfer without
            specifying an entrypoint. This is useful when using a simple wallet or
            an app without the ability to specify an entrypoint.

                `This entrypoint can only be called by the owner.`
            assert (
                sp.sender ==
            ), "This entrypoint can only be called by the owner."

   = sp.add_seconds(,

        def withdraw(self, receiver, amount_):
            """Used by the owner or the heir to withdraw coins.

            The heir can only withdraw if the last call was made more than
            `alive_delta` seconds ago.

                receiver (address): Receiver of the withdraw.
                amount (mutez): Amount withdrawn.
                `This entrypoint doesn't accept deposits.`
                `The owner is still considered alive, you cannot withdraw.`
                `Only owner or heir can withdraw.`
            assert sp.amount == sp.tez(0), "This entrypoint doesn't accept deposits."
            if sp.sender ==
                assert (
                ), "The owner is still considered alive, you cannot withdraw."

                assert sp.sender ==, "Only owner or heir can withdraw."
            sp.send(receiver, amount_)

owner = sp.test_account("owner").address
heir = sp.test_account("heir").address
ALIVE_DELTA = 366 * 24 * 3600  # 1 leap year

if "templates" not in __name__:

    @sp.add_test(name="Inheritance basic scenario", is_default=True)
    def basic_scenario():
        """Test of:
        - origination.
        - deposit.
        - owner withdrawal.
        - alive confirmation.
        - heir withdrawal before timeout.
        sc = sp.test_scenario(main)
        sc.h1("Basic scenario.")
        now = sp.timestamp(0)

        c1 = main.Inheritance(owner=owner, heir=heir, alive_delta=ALIVE_DELTA, now=now)
        sc += c1

        c1.default().run(sender=owner, amount=sp.tez(1200), now=now)
        sc.verify(c1.balance == sp.tez(1200))
        sc.verify( == now.add_seconds(ALIVE_DELTA))

        sc.h2("Owner withdraw.")
        now = now.add_minutes(1)
        c1.withdraw(receiver=owner, amount_=sp.tez(200)).run(sender=owner, now=now)

        sc.h2("Alive confirmation.")
        now = now.add_days(360)
        c1.default().run(sender=owner, now=now)

        sc.h2("Heir withdraw.")
        now = now.add_days(367)
        c1.withdraw(receiver=heir, amount_=c1.balance).run(sender=heir, now=now)

    @sp.add_test(name="Inheritance errors test", is_default=False)
    def errors_test():
        """Test of:
        - `default`: non-owner calling.
        - `withdraw`: not allowed calling.
        - `withdraw`: sending tez.
        - `withdraw`: heir withdraw before timeout.
        sc = sp.test_scenario(main)
        sc.h1("Errors tests.")
        now = sp.timestamp(0)

        c1 = main.Inheritance(owner=owner, heir=heir, alive_delta=ALIVE_DELTA, now=now)
        sc += c1

        sc.h2("Default: non-owner calling.")
        NOT_ALLOWED = sp.test_account("not_allowed").address
            exception="This entrypoint can only be called by the owner.",

        sc.h2("Withdraw: not allowed calling.")
        c1.withdraw(receiver=NOT_ALLOWED, amount_=c1.balance).run(
            exception="Only owner or heir can withdraw.",

        sc.h2("Withdraw: sending tez.")
        c1.withdraw(receiver=owner, amount_=c1.balance).run(
            exception="This entrypoint doesn't accept deposits.",

        sc.h2("Withdraw: heir withdraw before timeout.")
        now = now.add_minutes(5)
        c1.withdraw(receiver=heir, amount_=c1.balance).run(
            exception="The owner is still considered alive, you cannot withdraw.",