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Simulation targets

sp.add_simulation_target(contract, name="simulation", shortname=None, profile=False, is_default=True) → 

As a convenience, one can call sp.add_simulation_target(contract, ...) instead of @sp.add_test ....


sp.add_simulation_target(contract, name="Simulation", shortname=None, profile=False, is_default=True)

sp.add_simulation_target optional parameters are:

  • name="Simulation"

    Optional parameter with default value = "Simulation".

  • shortname=None

    Short names need to be unique. It is an optional parameter and is used in smartpy-cli outputs.

  • profile=False

    Computes and pretty-prints profiling data.

  • is_default=True

    Determines if the test is performed by default when evaluating all tests. Can be typically used in conjunction with sp.in_browser in templates to improve speed in browser.