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Compilation Targets

Compilation targets allow users to produce multiple compiled variations for contracts and expressions.

It is usually used with the CLI to produce the contract code and its initial storage.

Adding a Compilation Target

Contract compilation

It compiles a contract with name with optional storage.

sp.add_compilation_target(name, contract, storage = None)

Expression compilation

It compiles an expression called name.

sp.add_expression_compilation_target(name, expression)


# A contract with an empty (unit) storage
sp.add_compilation_target("min_comp", MyContract())

# A contract with a simple int storage
sp.add_compilation_target("min_comp_int", MyContract(x = 1))

# An expression
sp.add_expression_compilation_target("x", 42)

# Another expression
sp.add_expression_compilation_target("y", ("a", [1, 2, 3]))