SmartPy is a Python library designed to describe and handle Smart Contracts.

The Editor enables programmers to design smart contracts and add tests that can yield to different treatments.

To run the script, one can click on the Run or type Ctrl-Enter or Cmd-Enter. To run the script without tests, one can type Shift-Ctrl-Enter or Shift-Cmd-Enter.

It then evaluates the script and possibly registers new links or buttons that can be executed by clicking on them.


The interface comprises three zones:

  • Menus and buttons.

  • The SmartPy editor.

  • The output panel.

Output Panel

This output is typically populated by a testScenario in a test.

Contract Viewer

In the output panel, a usual output for a smart contract, the contract viewer comprises several tabs.

  • SmartPy. An actual SmartPy script. Syntax is currently evolving so may be unstable at this exact moment.

  • Storage. A pretty-print of the storage only.

  • Types. Information about types inferred for storage and entry points.

  • All. SmartPy + Storage + Types.

  • Michelson. Compiled Michelson smart contract with a link to origination page.

  • X. To minimize the contract output.