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Contract Data


Message Builder

This message builder helps build a command for the Tezos Client to interact with the contract.
This is very experimental.
It may be correct for SmartPy generated contracts. It's certainly not in full generality.
Please use cautiously and at your own risk.

Interact with the contract
If you have a personal node and a tezos client, you can execute this command in a terminal.

Warning: this is for Alphanet, do not input Mainnet Private Keys here. This page is still experimental and has known issues.

  1. Private Key and Account

    A private key is needed - you can use the Alphanet Faucet Importer 🚰 to retrieve one.
    Alphanet Private Key: With an alphanet private key, you can check credentials and compute account public key hash from the private key;
    Account public key hash:
  2. Transaction Parameters

    Storage Limit:
    Gas Limit:
  3. Send Transaction

    Once everything looks good, you can Send transaction to the contract on the Tezos' Alphanet.