Alphanet Faucet Import

Alphanet keys import with ConseilJS by Cryptonomic.
This page is still experimental and has known issues.

To obtain free tokens for the Alphanet, you can use the faucet.

Off-chain steps

  1. Download data from the Faucet;
  2. Copy it here;
  3. Compute your private key from your faucet data.
    Alphanet Private Key:
    Please keep this private key, it is used to originate contracts on the Alphanet or to interact with them.
    (if you loose your private key but still have your json for the faucet, you can simply replay these off-chain steps)

On-chain steps

These steps must be performed once per Alphanet private key.

  1. Activate account (this may fail if already activated);
  2. Wait for inclusion in the network;
  3. Reveal account (this may fail if already revealed);
  4. Wait for inclusion in the network;
  5. Check on TzScan;
  6. You're good to go!